Play to Narrative Development

  • January 5-6, 2018
  • Speaker: Dr Carol Westby

DAY 1 (half day) - Playing to Learn: Evaluating Play in Young Children.
Learn how play develops, how to evaluate play skills, and the reasons for promoting play in education.

DAY 2 (full day) - Telling Tales: Stories in our Social and Academic Lives
Understand the roles of memories, narratives, and life stories in social interactions, self-regulation, and academic performance. Acquire a variety of assessment tools and intervention methods for narratives in children from preschool through adolescence.

Event Details and Registration

Kids Holiday Program (4-6 yrs)

Come join us at the C&C jungle for 3 fun-filled, action packed, and exciting days of jungle fun! This camp will help your child navigate the jungle by:

  • Being part of the group
  • Following the group plan
  • Tuning in / Listening with the Whole Body
  • Sharing ideas in play
  • Physical problem solving
  • Increasing emotional tolerance and resilience


  • Youth Holiday Program (11-14 yrs) - Codebreakers

    • December 19-21, 2017, 9am to 12pm
    • For ages 11-14 years old

    Clue in to nuances of social interactions and crack the hidden social code! Come hone your social observation skills and learn to work with fellow 'agents' in teams to accomplish your mission!


    (Past Event) Introduction to DIR® Floortime™

    • November 10-11, 2017
    • Speaker: Chithra Kathiresan, DIR® Floortime™ Trainer with Profectum, USA

    How does a child develop the miraculous ability to love, think, communicate, and create, as well as to have self- control and feel compassion for others? Many child-development theories focus on only one part of this puzzle. This social-pragmatic approach develops a child’s spontaneous interactions, empathic relationships, thinking, creative play and problem solving. These are foundations for all social interactions and mastery of academic skills.

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    (Past Event) Teaching Social Thinking®

    • September 7-8, 2017
    • Speakers: Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr Pamela Crooke

    Michelle and Pam return to hone our skills further in concrete intervention strategies for teaching social thinking. Michelle will present two workshop days filled with hands-on activities to teach Social Thinking.

    DAY 1 - MASTERCLASS - Experiencing Key Social Communication Concepts

    DAY 2 - Social Detective, Supeflex® and Friends Take on Social Emotional Learning

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