Social Thinking ® is a cognitive behavioural intervention founded by Michelle Garcia Winner. It is a process that nurtures the individual's understanding of his own and other's thoughts and how his behaviours can impact other's perceptions. It requires one to think about what others think (take perspectives), and to regulate one’s behaviours around other people's thoughts and expectations. This is fundamental to the development of good social skills. It also impacts academic areas that require inference, analysis and critical thinking such as reading comprehension, written expression and organizational skills. The program does NOT teach social rules - about what to do or what not to do. It facilitates a social understanding in students, which then enables them to use the appropriate social skills.

Social Thinking ® is a cognitive behavioral intervention

The program is designed for students with social cognitive deficits with fairly good verbal skills and academic performance. It is NOT suited to all individuals as it is a cognitive approach that focuses on thinking about others thinking about us. Individuals as young as 4.5yrs all the way to adults have benefited from this approach.

Sessions are conducted once weekly for an hour, in small groups of 2-4 students. This allows for more personalized teaching. Sometimes students may require individual teaching. Each group lasts 16-20 weeks, but students may continue for several months. Although learning the process of social thinking takes longer, it is a stronger lesson over time when compared to just teaching students specific social skills.

How to Enroll?

The individual must undergo a screening to determine if (s)he is suitable for this program. Once screened, (s)he will be grouped with students of similar ability. Students may be required to attend some individual 'starter' sessions before group placement. Group placement may take a while depending on compatibility of students.

For more information about Social Thinking, please visit  or read 'Thinking about you, Thinking about me' by Michelle G. Winner.