Assessment & Therapy for

Early Learners

(0 - 7 years old)


for Early Learners (0-7 years old)

What we assess


  • Speech clarity
  • Speech fluency


  • Listening and following
  • Building vocabulary
  • Speaking in sentences
  • Early reading skills


  • Oral-motor skills
  • Sensory-based behavioural feeding


  • Interest in people
  • 2-way communication
  • Social interaction
  • Play skills

How we assess

Combination of standardised and dynamic assessments (based on therapist’s recommendations)

Speech, language, narrative and social assessment tools

Caregivers may be involved in the assessment where appropriate.

What an initial consultation might look like

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The therapist may interact with the child via:

  • A toy or a game
  • Physical play
  • Song and music
  • Sharing a book
  • Looking at social scenario pictures

Activities will be tailored to the child’s interests and abilities.

Caregivers may be asked to join in.


for Early Learners (0-7 years old)

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all methodology. Instead, we recognise that everyone has their own individual differences, and want to celebrate these differences while challenging individuals to excel further. We will meet individuals at their level and pace. The focus is not purely on teaching skills based on age, but supporting development from ground-up and inside-out.

Therapy for Early Learners

Give Your Child A Solid Start

Whether your child is outgoing or shy, speech and social development is a crucial part of your child’s overall growth. Strong communication and willingness to engage are important to develop attention, regulation of behaviours and emotions, and understanding and interacting with others.

Help your child improve in:

  • Speaking fluently without stuttering
  • Articulating and pronouncing words
  • Listening and answering
  • Growing their vocabulary
  • Talking about their day
  • Being a less picky and fussy eater
  • Learning to love books
  • Expressing interest and emotions better
  • Showing more interest in people
  • Being more creative in play
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Approaches for Early Learners

We apply these specialist approaches to cater to your child’s individual needs:

10-Week Intensive Group Programs

We also want to help your child grow, learn and have fun with his/her peers. We have 2 different 10-week social group programs that will help your child build his/her interaction capabilities at appropriate levels, within a group setting.

(5-8 years old)