Assessment & Therapy for

Primary Schoolers

(7 - 12 years old)


for Primary Schoolers (7-12 years old)

What we assess

Speech and Communication

  • Speech and communication skills
  • Conversational skills
  • Speech
  • Language


  • Attention and engagement
  • Sustaining a 2-way conversation
  • Relating experiences
  • Working in a group
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Being flexible
  • Knowing what to say and when to say it


  • Understanding different points of view
  • Reading between the lines
  • Planning and Organising
  • Literacy
  • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving social situations
    • Prioritising and decision-making

How we assess

Combination of standardised and dynamic assessments (based on therapist’s recommendations)

Speech, language, narrative and social assessment tools

Caregivers may be involved in the assessment where appropriate.

What an initial consultation might look like

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The client and therapist will:

  • Engage in conversation about each other
  • Play a game
  • Read and interpret photos
  • Read and discuss passages

Caregivers may be requested to join if necessary.


for Primary Schoolers (7-12 years old)

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all methodology. Instead, we recognise that everyone has their own individual differences, and want to celebrate these differences while challenging individuals to excel further. We will meet individuals at their level and pace. The focus is not purely on teaching skills based on age, but supporting development from ground-up and inside-out.

Therapy for primary schoolers

Help Your Child Socialise in School

As your child transitions to school, he or she will encounter a large classroom of peers and a teacher to attend to. Classrooms are social environments that rely heavily on attending, interpreting and problem-solving around others dynamically. Social challenges are everywhere, all the time, and constantly in flux.

Help Your Child Improve In:

  • Mastering speech and vocabulary
  • Forming complex sentences and simple narratives
  • Using imagination to create and predict stories
  • Understanding humour and sarcasm
  • Joining role-play scenarios with friends
  • Generating solutions around concrete problems
  • Developing a plan to meet a goal
  • Using appropriate behaviours to build and maintain friendships
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Approaches for Primary Schoolers

We apply these specialist approaches to cater to your child’s individual needs:

Groups and Programs

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We also want to help school-age children integrate well into peer groups in classroom settings. Depending on the child’s goals and capabilities, we can offer Social Thinking groups for your child to build his/her social attention, inference and problem-solving skills with peers.

If your child is between 5-8 years old, we also have an intensive 10-week social group program to help your child build his/her peer interaction in a structured setting.

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