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Developmental Approach

We build on our clients’ unique strengths to support their learning as an integrated whole.

Holistic Growth

We work on changing patterns of relating and thinking, instead of isolated social skills.

Collective Expertise

We work closely as a team of therapists. You may work with one therapist but gain the expertise of many.

International Support

We provide therapy and training both locally and overseas.

About Us

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Connect and Communicate was founded in 2013 with the intention of growing clients, parents and professionals. We serve a diverse age range because development never stops.

We provide Speech Therapy services and specialise in ‘Social Communication’. Social communication is not just about talking. We dive deeper to support individuals to relate, think and problem solve. We provide individuals with tools and strategies to learn and integrate more effectively across different settings.

We also organise programmes and training for parents, teachers and professionals. We believe in empowering the community to support people with different needs.

Assessment and Therapy


& adults

(13+ years old)


Our Approaches

We believe in identifying and using teachable moments in each individual’s daily experiences to support learning and social communication.

DIR Floortime

Social Thinking


Social Thinking

Social Thinking Workshops for professionals

After 3 plus years, we are thrilled to welcome back to Singapore Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of Social Thinking and co-developer, Dr.Pam Crooke. They will share their updated, latest developments and thinking around assessment and treatment planning. How do we know where to start with the students we work with? And how do we map out directions? This 2-day workshop is not just filled with frameworks and concepts, but lots of video examples demonstrating how to, as well as some practical strategies and tools in therapy. Listen to them live in-person and mix and mingle with like-minded individuals. You will also be able to peruse and purchase social thinking books and materials at the event.

Workshop places are limited. Register early to avoid disappointment!

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